Men clothing unlike women clothing tends to be a bit more basic and it’s easier to set up a complete wardrobe without cluttering the entire dressing with things you might wear only once or twice.

What men need in their wardrobes

Start with basic pieces like a well tailored suits and some shirts. Add some accessories and maybe watches or jewelry to make any look stand out.

Shoes are also important when trying to create a simple wardrobe. Go for elegant, dress shoes or oxfords if you tend to pick more pretentious outfits. If you prefer casual, urban men clothing, opt for stylish walking shoes, tennis shoes and plimsolls that would give you that comfort you seek for without sacrificing the styling.

Jeans, chino trousers and bermuda shorts should not be missed. Buy just a few pair of high quality products rather than many pants that cost very little because you might just throw them away after a season or two.

T-shirt, Polo shirts and vests will complete your stylish sporty looks. Go for basic colors if you tend to be more on the safe side when matching shades. If you prefer something more bold, try pastels or even deep tones like emerald, dark red or electric blue.

Leather details and accessories always look great no matter the style you approach. And because less is more, try simple designs that never go out of style. Like a simple brown or black belt you can wear for ages without needing to buy a new one. Invest in quality leather goods when you have the chance.

Even if most men tend to keep it simple, men clothing lately has because a bit more edgy.

From bold textures like latex and glittery fabrics to crop tops and extra skinny pants, you name it. Layering extra large tops that look like dresses on skinny jeans is something some men like to try out.

Still, we think that it’s all about being true to your style and balancing everything with good taste. That’s what keeps you fashionable without jumping overboard with any new fashion trend that gets on the catwalk.